Kenya Moore And Phaedra Parks Make RHOA Fans Go Wild By Showing Their Feud Is Over

Kenya Moore And Phaedra Parks Make RHOA Fans Go Wild By Showing Their Feud Is Over
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Kenya Moore and Phaedra Parks had a bitter feud to the end. Now that it's been quite some time since the RHOA stars have cut each other with their tongues, it's safe to say that the animosity is gone.

Although there is clear division in the country due to politics, race relations, and the Coronavirus, some communities are coming together. For the last few days, nearly every American was on edge due to the delayed election results.

Phaedra ended up sharing a fan-made meme of a clip where Kenya is stating how fabulous she is while Phaedra is saying 'all right now.' The moment was a comparison to the mail-in votes  that were still being counted at the time.

Kenya took to the comment section to say: 'YASSSSSSS.'

Also, a Bravo fan page revealed that the two were finally following each other which ends all signs of a feud.

This made some believe that it's a possibility that Phaedra could make a return -- as a friend of Kenya.

While others were just happy to see that the two are getting along.

'Don’t tell me phae phae coming back to our screens,' one said.

'Love this tbh , before Phaedra left they were trying to repair their relationship.' another added.

While this person wrote: 'I hope Phaedra comes back.. I'm not even excited for this season. Yawn. ATL Y'all need to do something UNEXPECTED and EXCITING, because Potomac is killing y'all right now.'

And this person added: 'Said it before and I will again, bring SHAEDRA back. Now. Trust and believe that we can do a season or 2 without Kandi child support/another restaurant/MamaJoyce exhausted storyline. Or get Cynthia out for a nice year or 2 vacation away from RHOA and make room for the queen of shade.'


Do you think that Phaedra should make a return?

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