Kenya Moore And Nene Leakes Slam Kim Zolciak Over Her ‘Horrible’ Attitude And ‘Botched’ Plastic Surgery!

Kenya Moore And Nene Leakes Slam Kim Zolciak Over Her ‘Horrible’ Attitude And ‘Botched’ Plastic Surgery!
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Following the explosive feud between Kenya Moore and Kim Zolciak on yesterday’s episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta, it looks like the reality TV stars are still at each other’s throats! As fans of the show may already be aware, during a night out with all the co-stars, Kim slammed Kenya over her ‘fake’ marriage.

At some point, the name calling escalated so much that the other Housewives had to hold them back so they wouldn’t physically hurt one another!

Today, the feud continued on social media and Nene Leakes joined in on the ‘fun’ as well!

Leakes shared a pic of Kim and Sheree looking grumpy, captioning it: ‘The face of a hater! She could not take it! She complained and complained! The attitude was horrible while everyone was trying to be nice to her! But yet she is sooooo positive! It is a damn SHAME that they think their homes are better than anyone else! SMH.’

Kenya was quick to also bash Kim saying: ‘What a nasty woman @Kimzolciak is to talk about another woman’s eggs and journey to have a baby. #trash #rhoa @Kimzolciak screwed #bigpoppa — a married man for years but she is worried about my husband and my life. Worry about your husband not mine #trashbox #rhoa.'

Zolciak replied: ‘Sweetie I have been married six years move on… BUT you call your man ‘baby’ to try and be like me, you’ve a white Bentley that I had YEARS ago to be like me! Remember Sweetie I am on two shows and you are not even on one!! #Fired.’

Zolciak shot back by criticizing Leakes as well for parking in a handicap spot without having anyone with special needs in her car!

Finally, Moore was the one to give the last blow (for now) by dissing Zolciak’s ‘fake’ good looks.

‘Now watching #MissUniverso2017, you know that BEAUTY pageant I was top 6 in after winning #MissUSA…But I am ugly” #originalface V. #surgeryface #realbeauty #fakenews.’

During the last episode, she even told Kim to her face to worry about her ‘botched surgery’ instead of focusing so much on other people’s lives.

What do you think about the drama? Whose side are you on? Let us know!


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  • Crystal
    Crystal Nov 30, 2017 6:16 AM PST

    Even though im not a fan of Kenya, Kim started that whole thing. If you don't like Kenya why do you care about anything involving Kenya??? Nobody asked you for yo opinion you just start blurting out stuff.

  • Renee
    Renee Nov 28, 2017 10:55 AM PST

    I love Kenya Moore was been nice in NeNe house, Kim started all that, her and Sheree Whitfield came to be Messy and Sheree saying you don't act like that in someone house she should have told her friends Marlo and Kim but Sheree and Kim plan that. it is wrong for Andy to let Marlo come on the show and start mess, people, I am going to stop watching the show, come on Kim didn't have to keep been in Kenya business I would have said something too, NeNe would Sheree would Marlo would all of them would have, so why can Kenya say something back, now we all know Kandi would have got into Kim Butt too, Andy is making his show messy they all are too old for this, Kenya stop talking to Sheree Whitfield she talks behind your back and messy, just said hi and keep it moving, stop been in the middle of messy you, see Sheree just list to everyone and then go back and tell everyone what people say about other people everyone needs to trySheree and Marlo the same way they tried people, Kenya stop been the one that talks, act like Cynthia keep your mouth closed just start to listen like every else. you see Kandi be listened to she just listen and laughing please Kenya do the same, they all need to stop asking about her husband please the ones that don't have a husband get one and then you can talk about your own man, Kenya just keep loving your husband and give him a baby and keep praying, prayer works and I will keep praying for you and your husband that God bless you with a baby. Kenya just doesn't say anything about other people children keep it between you and Kim. Kenya keeps your hand up high. don't bring your husband on the messy show. And Baby don't go on the show.

  • Ms E
    Ms E Nov 27, 2017 4:09 PM PST

    Don't like Kenya Moore at all. She loves to hit below the belt and she's really miserable because she's alone with no children and a fake marrriage

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