Kenya Moore And Marc Daly's Daughter, Brooklyn Daly Continues To Get Cuter By The Day

Kenya Moore And Marc Daly's Daughter, Brooklyn Daly Continues To Get Cuter By The Day
Credit: BET

Kenya Moore shared a gorgeous pic featuring Brooklyn Daly on her daughter's social media account. Kenya created this IG account for her baby girl, so that fans have a chance almost on a daily basis to enjoy new posts featuring Brookie because they simply love her.

See the latest photo that Kenya shared online and has fans in awe.

'Ok ok okay one little Barrett can’t hurt 😝👶🏽' Kenya captioned her post, which shows a cute Brookie Daly.

Someone said: 'She just continues to get cuter by the day💕' and another follower posted this: 'Omg her edges 😍😍😍'

One follower wrote: 'The prettiest of them all💋when are we going to see your room brookie!!!!!!' and another commenter said: 'It looks amazing!!! She’s so damn adorable!!'

A follower posted: '@thebrooklyndaly Hi Cutie Pie! If you were with me, I’d start each day giving you whatever you wanted! #charming #adorbs #rotten #americas favorite ##miracle Baby,' while one other fan said that Brookie is twinning with Kenya: 'Oh my goodness!!! She’s soo beautiful, just like her momma.'

Somoene else gushed over Brookie's hair and said: 'Brookieeee looking so cute! Love the hairdo,' and another follower posted this: '@thebrooklyndaly Mommy need to used the fine-tooth comb part your hair and twist your hair around like little twirlers one by one.👍'

Someone else asked Kenya: 'So cute, wondering why you never do ponytails, like 2 maybe.....always a baby fro??' and another follower said: 'Gorgeous! Love it. She looks like you in this pic.'

One fan wrote: 'Awwww she is always ready for camera.what a pretty girl in her little jeans.'

In other news, it really seems like things between Kenya and Marc Daly are getting much better to the point that they might actually be back together already.

You probably know by now that they have been working on reconciliation and the latest video that Kenya shared hints at the fact that they are definitely on the right track.


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