Kenya Moore And Marc Daly: Inside Their Relationship Progress - Are They Ever Getting Back Together?

Kenya Moore And Marc Daly: Inside Their Relationship Progress - Are They Ever Getting Back Together?
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It’s been months since Kenya Moore and Marc Daly announced their separation but now, insider reports claim to know that they are really working hard on co-parenting their daughter, Brooklyn together. Furthermore, their communication has improved a lot so fans have been wondering if there is still a chance that they'll get back together once day!

One source close to the former couple shared via HollywoodLife that in the last couple of months, their relationships has definitely progressed a lot.

‘Kenya and Marc are working really hard to co-parent. She is allowing him to see Brooklyn a lot which he's been doing. They are trying to work on their relationship, not really for the sake of getting back together, but the sake of co-parenting Brooklyn. It is looking more likely than not that they will [not] get back together romantically but they're communicating better than they did a few months ago.’

They went on to dish that ‘Kenya really is encouraging Marc to have the best relationship that he can for their daughter but romantically, it does not seem to be in the cards right now.’

The RHOA star shared the breakup news back in September of last year after only two years of being married.

That being said, the current season of the Bravo show has been documenting their issues, with Kenya even banning the father of her daughter from staying at the house when he visits the child.

In one sneak peek for the upcoming episode, she explains that ‘It’s just a lot of things that I felt I was in the dark about…I just do not know how to even make the visitation work.’

She then stressed that he can come see Brooklyn but that she does not want him to stay overnight, ever!

Do you think they will end up getting back together at some point or not?


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  • Wanda
    Wanda Mar 29, 2020 9:22 PM PDT

    This is about Kenya and Mark Daly. It doesn't seem that Mark wants to be in the spot light and Kenya does, hence, they clash. When he stated he didn't like it, everybody knows ... I don't believe he was speaking of the marriage, but the cameras and intrusion. He went off on the intrusion. I saw it all...Kenya was into appearances and was embarrassed...but she should have known what her man wanted and forcing things upon him trying to glamorize, in this case, his point, was the wrong answer. I think they can come to a common ground and work it out without outside influences.

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