Kenya Moore And Baby Brooklyn Grace The Cover Of Sheen Magazine

Kenya Moore And Baby Brooklyn Grace The Cover Of Sheen Magazine
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Gorgeous Kenya Moore and her baby Brooklyn Doris Daly have graced the cover of Sheen Magazine and fans are going crazy with excitement. The Shade Room made the announcement and got people all hyped in the comments. Check out these two ladies below.

Most fans were thrilled, but some of them wanted to know why Marc Daly is not on the cover of the magazine as well if Kenya says she found happiness with her baby and Marc.

'But why isn’t the husband also on the cover if she found happiness with both of them🧐,' a person asked.

Someone said that 'Her story has taught me my time for love and family is COMING! No need rushing in my 20s. 💯'

Another follower wants to make sure that haters don't come near the comments section and said: 'No ‘negative’ comments about them will be tolerated💖'

Someone else posted 'Come on with the “ gone with the wind, fabulous “dress! This is too cute! 😍' while another fan gushed over Kenya and Brooklyn as well: 'So happy for her she looks absolutely radiant after having that baby. Gorgeous girls.'

A supporter could not be happier for Kenya after her dream came true: 'I’m so happy for Kenya she got the man and baby☺️ the life she always wanted.💕💕'

A fan said 'See what happens when you trust God’s plan for your life?? He may not come when you want him, but he’s ALWAYS on time!!! 🙌🏾 and I heard she got her peach back.'

Not too long ago, it was reported that fans are so in love with baby Brooklyn that some of them ever foresee a modeling career for her .

Fans are hoping and praying that Kenya comes back to the RHOA show for good.


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