Kenya Moore Advises Fans To Vote - Here's Her Message

Kenya Moore Advises Fans To Vote - Here's Her Message
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Kenya Moore just advised her fans in Atalanta to vote. She shared a post on her social media account and you can also check it out below.

'Atlanta now is the time to VOTE for change! When we don’t show up to vote we have already lost. Now is the time to vote for who we want and will serve US. Not only do @votekenya4judge have the same name but we have the same passion for justice. She helped me during a very difficult time in my life in the court system to find my way. She helped connect me with me to get counseling and protection. Kenya has always been my go to for charitable work and helping to align me with the best foundations and non profits so I can quietly help and do my part to give back. I will be voting for her for Fulton county probate court judge. Do your research and make your own decision but VOTE!' Kenya captioned her post.

Someone said: 'Yes Kenya! I totally concur that voting is so very importantly. As President Obama often said, “Don’t boo! VOTE!”'

A commenter posted: 'Vote , Exercise your rights. This is how the change will come by voting you're helping to make big decisions yes! yes!! yes!!🤗That’s how you do it Kenya!!!! Spreading the word regarding local voting!!!!'

Someone else said: 'Vote like your life depends on it! 💗 Sadly for people of color it does!' and another follower wrote: 'She seems like she would be good at probate court. The handling of wills and estates etc.'

One commenter wrote: 'That’s how you uplift our ppl let’s everyone be registered to VOTE go out to vote!'

In other news, Kenya's recent post related to the murder of George Floyd had some people in the comments saying that during these days, they saw the true nature of the RHOA ladies.

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