Kendrick Lamar And SZA Refuse To Play "Black Panther" Song At The Oscars

Kendrick Lamar And SZA Refuse To Play "Black Panther" Song At The Oscars
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Following the reports that Kendrick Lamar and others wouldn't be performing at the Oscars, it was confirmed by Deadline that Kendrick and SZA would not perform their Oscar-nominated song at the 2019 ceremony.

The 31-year-old rapper and 28-year-old singer were nominated for an Academy Award for Best Original Song for "All the Stars," and they won't perform among other attendees on Sunday. Kendrick allegedly didn't go to the Grammys this year either.

Currently, Black Panther is up for six awards, including Best Costume Design, Best Original Score, and Best Picture. While many people are thrilled to include Black Panther, others have suggested that making a comic book film an Oscar-nominated movie would degrade the quality of the ceremony - the ceremony that is coincidentally dwindling in viewers.

Previously, Rob Lowe was just one actor who insinuated that Black Panther receiving the nomination was a sign the Oscars were going down the tubes. It was reported additionally the Oscars are doing everything in their power to jack up their ratings, so including Black Panther was a way of generating more viewers.

Some outlets have suggested the reasoning for the decline of the Oscars and other Awards shows is not only streaming technology but also due to the continuous political posturing and grand-standing from Hollywood celebrities.

Moreover, the Academy Awards were marred by controversy earlier in the year when Kevin was invited to host but ultimately ended up declining due to the resurfacing of his old tweets in which he joked about homophobia and other LGBT issues.

Furthermore, the Grammys and the Academy Awards have been criticized for supposedly being racist toward African-Americans in the past, allegations which have marred them for many years.

Others have stated that the Academy and the Grammys frequently lure artists into performing there but not giving them the awards. For that reason, it's like a thankless - and bordering on insulting - job.

During an interview with Sway in which he promoted his latest record,  Kamikaze, Eminem said that the Grammys rob their artists by getting them to perform but then not giving them an award, effectively wasting their time.

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