Kendall Jenner’s Boyfriend Blake Griffin Slammed For Being A ‘Terrible Kisser’ By Lolo Jones

Kendall Jenner’s Boyfriend Blake Griffin Slammed For Being A ‘Terrible Kisser’ By Lolo Jones

Will Kendall say anything about this? According to Olympian Lolo Jones, she and Blake Griffin went on one date once, and she just dissed the NBA star for being a terrible kisser!

We’re super curious to see if his current girlfriend Kendall Jenner will address Jones’ shade.

Blake Griffin has been making headlines lately – after he was shockingly traded to Detroit Pistons a couple of days ago, he is once again in the news after being slammed by the Olympian.

It all started when a fan accused Jones of having a crush on Griffin in the comment section of ESPN’s Sportscenter account.

Lolo Jones then took to social media to reveal that, in fact, she has been on a date with Blake before and it was awful!

So no crush there! At least not anymore, considering Kendall’s current man proved to be a really bad kisser.

‘Nah I went on a date with him. Worst date of my life and he is a terrible kisser,’ Jones wrote on her Instagram account.

Wow, tell us how you really feel!

We are yet to find out when exactly that one date took place, but one thing is clear as day – it didn’t work out!

Even though claims that Griffin is not a good kisser is not exactly something we ever expected to hear, it might explain why, rumor has it, Kendall Jenner is ‘relieved’ that he’s moving away to Detroit.

She was apparently planning on breaking up with him at some point anyway as she couldn’t see herself with Blake forever.

That being said, instead of breaking his heart, she can now let the distance between them do its thing.

It’s probably going to take a while more of them ‘trying to make it work,’ but they will most probably split sooner than later, and that's exactly what Kendall's hoping for.


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