Kendall Jenner Was Spotted On Lunch Date With New Flame Blake Griffin

Kendall Jenner Was Spotted On Lunch Date With New Flame Blake Griffin

It looks like Kendall Jenner was very excited to meet Blake Griffin for lunch that she also forgot her skirt! The model rocked a tiny sports bra showing off some skin before grabbing a bite with the NBA star.

Labor Day marks the unofficial end of summer, so it is possible that Kendal was trying to get in some more rays of sun before the season is over.

The model was showing off a 'beach-ready-body' while she was hanging out with Blake Griffin on September 1.

She wore a green top that looked like a sports bra when she met Blake at the Soho Beach House in Malibu according to Daily Mail.

They entered separately in the location, maybe to keep this date on the down-low.

Despite this clever attempt, there was no hiding that these two were seeing each other yet again.

Is it time to officially hit the 'new couple alert' on these two?

This lunch date came right after Kendall and Blake went on their second date in a row. They met up at Nobu in Malibu on August 31.

This came after just one day since they were spotted going on a 'double date' with Hailey Baldwin and Memphis Grizzlies star Chandler Parsons.

It looks like Kendall is not the only chick with a baller boyfriend! It seems that things are heating up between the Kendall and Blake.

Does this third consecutive date mean that her romance with A$AP Rocky is over?

Kendall and A$AP were never exclusive, as she was also seen hanging out with her ex, Los Angeles Lakers star Jordan Clarkson while she was dating the rapper.

Still, A$AP was a bit surprised when he saw Kendall getting close to Blake. Rocky has been into Kendall for a long time, a source confessed and felt like she broke an 'unspoken agreement between them' by going out with another man.


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