Kendall Jenner Unfollows Khloe's Ex-Boyfriend Tristan On Instagram Following Cheating Scandal

Kendall Jenner Unfollows Khloe's Ex-Boyfriend Tristan On Instagram Following Cheating Scandal
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Tristan Thompson just lost the support of yet another Kardashian/Jenner clan member. According to a report from Us Weekly, Kendall unfollowed Tristan on Instagram just a day after Kim Kardashian did the same thing following the news of Thompson's wild misbehavior.

The 23-year-old reality star/supermodel waved goodbye to the 27-year-old on the 'Gram around 48 hours after the news of his infidelity broke. As it was reported yesterday and the day before, the Cleveland Cavaliers player, Tristan Thompson, cheated on Khloe with Kylie's best friend, Jordyn Woods.

So far, social media has been completely shocked by what Tristan has done. However, many aren't that surprised, considering his history. A source who spoke with Us Weekly claimed that the 21-year-old was all over Tristan this past weekend in Los Angeles. It was during a party on the 17th of February, Sunday.

After Us Weekly and a few other publications reported the shocking claims, Tristan took to his social media to proclaim, "fake news," in all capital letters.

Reportedly, Khloe confronted Tristan about his cheating on the 18th of February, which he admitted to, and then they subsequently broke up. Another source who spoke with the outlet said, "Khloe was told by people who saw Tristan and Jordyn making out."

On the 20th of February, the 38-year-old beauty mogul, Kim,  unfollowed Woods and Thompson on Instagram. Thus far, however, the other remaining members of the family haven't done anything. In April 2018, Kim removed Tristan from her Instagram after it was revealed he cheated on her while she was pregnant.

Around that time, Khloe was gearing up to have her first baby, which she had approximately a day or two after the allegations came out. It was revealed yesterday that Kylie is upset with Jordyn about what she did, but it's unclear what will happen at this point. Woods has moved out, although.

An insider who spoke with Us Weekly claims Jordyn is her best friend, so this is a big deal to her. "She doesn't have a lot of friends," the insider remarked. Kylie is incredibly close with her sisters, so this may have been a deal breaker.


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