Kendall Jenner Tells Justin Beiber Hailey Was Her's First — Two Supermodels Are BFF Goals

Kendall Jenner Tells Justin Beiber Hailey Was Her's First — Two Supermodels Are BFF Goals
Credit: Source: Kendall Jenner/Instagram

Kendall Jenner is going viral after sending Justin Bieber a Twitter message about her close friendship with BFF Hailey Bieber. Kendall and Hailey have been friends for years and the two supermodels have worked professionally together on multiple projects. They often show up in each other's social media posts and were recently spotted together.  Sometimes a friendship is short-lived while others are meant to last. Kendall and Hailey are extremely close and Kendall attended Justin's and Hailey's second wedding last September. A Twitter user shared a video of Kendall and Hailey as friendship goals and Kendall left a remark on it.

Kendall left the comment in response to the fan Twitter account, Roses Kendall that Kendall often retweets. Kendall wished the account a happy day in response to a sweet greeting that was sent to Kendall and her 28.4 million Instagram followers.

Roses Kendall posted a video with the following caption.

" this isn't your best friend goals, I don't what is @KendallJenner @haileybieber"

Kendall retweeted it and added the following response.

"she was mine first @justinbieber"😉

You may see the tweet as Kendall Jenner shared it below.

Not only did Kendall share the tweet, but she and Hailey were spotted going for a workout together. Kendall is 24-years-old and Hailey Bieber is 22. The two were laid back and casual as they went out to eat lunch in their sneakers, leggings, shorts, and sweatshirts. Kendall wore black leggings and Hailey wore black Nike shorts.

Both models were makeup-free and looked refreshingly real showing off their natural beauty. Hailey has previously said that she felt intimidated by Kendall Jenner as a model.

There has been heavy speculation regarding the state of Hailey Bieber's and Justin Bieber's marriage as some think that they are having difficulties.

Some were even concerned that Justin would have an emotional and mental setback after his ex Selena Gomez shared a song that many felt slammed Justin for the way he ended things with Selena before moving on and marrying Hailey.

What do you think of Hailey's friendship with Kendall? Were you surprised that Kendall would tag Justin Bieber in her tweet and tease him about her closeness with Hailey Bieber?


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