Kendall Jenner Talks Her Biggest Turn-Ons And Turn-Offs

Kendall Jenner Talks Her Biggest Turn-Ons And Turn-Offs
Credit: Source: Kendall Jenner/Instagram

Kendall Jenner's love life has always been of great interest to the public and recently, some have questioned whether she is in a secret relationship with fellow supermodel Bella Hadid. Though there have been many rumors surrounding Kendall's significant others, she tends to refer to people as "close friends" and has left many people wondering if she's bisexual. Now, in a new video with Calvin Klein called "In Bed With Kendall Jenner" the supermodel weighs in on what turns her on. And though Travis Burnett (Yung Taco) jumps in the bed with her, you can be sure that Kendall refers to him as another close friend.

Some people pointed out that when Kendall spoke about what turns her on, she didn't refer to or specify a gender but used words like someone and somebody. Speaking to Calvin Klein, Kendall stated the following.

"My biggest turn on is probably someone who is confident. And I really like a witty person. Someone who can make me laugh. The sillier you are, the more you see are... the more unfiltered you are — I think — the better. Biggest turn-offs — I guess is someone who is too filtered. Someone who is trying to be something they're not or is trying to prove something. "

You may see the full video with Kendall speaking in the video player below.

In addition to drawing attention for her interview, Kendall is also making fashion news for her lighter hair color. Kendall is known for having very dark hair, as most of her sister's do, but instead of making a drastic change, such as Khloe's blonde bombshell locks, Kendall lightened her hair to a softer, golden brown shade.

It can be difficult to not only bring a dark brown shade like Kendall's natural hair color to blonde but do it in a manner that maintains the hair's health. Kendall's lighter shade looks natural as if her hair was simply sun-kissed and a lot of Kendall's fans are praising the look.

What do you think of Kendall's lighter hair color and her Calvin Klein interview? Do you agree with Kendall Jenner's turn-ons and turn-offs?

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