Kendall Jenner Switches It Up With Blonde Hair Extensions

Kendall Jenner Switches It Up With Blonde Hair Extensions
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Kendall Jenner is making waves on her social media account once again, a report from Refinery 29 revealed this week. The star has been posting pictures of her new look on Instagram which features long, blonde, extensions.

According to the outlet, Kendall Jenner is just one other celebrity who has chosen to extend her hair much longer. Priscilla Valles, the celebrity hairstylist, shared a snap of her new hairstyle on Instagram which she described as "ethereal extensions."

Thus far, fans have been praising Kendall Jenner's new hairdo on Instagram, describing her as an "absolute hair goddess," while arguing that lighter colors are the next big trend for 2020.

Kendall Jenner has been in the headlines for other reasons lately, including her various relationships with NBA players but also her fight with Kylie Jenner . As it was previously reported, Kendall and Kylie were the subjects of media reports for an episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians in which they threw down.

The two sisters were fighting over an outfit that belonged to Kourtney Kardashian, and it got so bad between them that Kylie took off one of her high heels and jabbed it into her sister's neck. Kylie later took to her social media to address what happened and she said it was "never ok" for sisters to fight in the same way.

Regarding what Kendall has been up to lately, the star recently did a podcast in which she revealed that she liked to smoke a bit of weed every once in a while . Fans of the reality star know Kendall struggles with anxiety.

For instance, during an episode of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon , Kendall shared with the host that she gets anxious sometimes, and the host joked back that she would get scared of her own shadow if she could.

It's very possible Kendall likes to smoke herb every once in a while to help calm her nerves, although some in the medical community say marijuana use increases anxiety rather than diminishes it.


Her older half-sister, Kim, has also admitted to using CBD oil to help calm her down, although, the two substances aren't the same, they're just similar.

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