Kendall Jenner Slammed With $150,000 Lawsuit Over Posted Video

Kendall Jenner Slammed With $150,000 Lawsuit Over Posted Video
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If you're aware of celebrity culture, it's not uncommon at all for famous people, regardless of their industry, to be slapped with lawsuits and other legal quagmires.

This is especially pronounced in the case of the music industry and photography, where copyright laws are often vague and sometimes even not known by the accused. Hot New Hip Hop reported earlier today that Kendall Jenner is just another celeb who had to deal with a legal battle in recent weeks.

The supermodel was purportedly slapped with a $150,000 federal lawsuit regarding a paparazzi clip she posted of herself on Instagram. As you may or may not know, a photographer or videographer owns the rights of a photo or video regardless of who's in it.

The person who captured the audio recording, video recording, or photograph, is the sole owner of that moment in time. Ariana Grande, Bella Hadid, and other stars have learned the same lesson repeatedly.

Put simply, models and entertainers often forget that even if they're in the image/video, they don't own the rights to it. This is the same for the case of Angela Ma, who is currently suing Kendall Jenner after she committed copyright infringement by posting a video of herself on Instagram.

According to HNHP, the New York-native captured the aforementioned clip when Kendall was leaving a building in New York City in 2019. When Kendall posted the paparazzi's photo on her IG account, she filed a lawsuit against her. Kendall posted it on the 12th of September, 2019.

According to the lawsuit, Ma claims she already registered the video recording with the United States Copyright Office before Kendall went and put it on her IG.

As it was noted above, this happens to celebrities all of the time, including Lebron James, who was sued by the photographer, Steven Mitchell, after he posted a photo of himself on his Facebook that Mitchell had taken.

Reportedly, $150,000 is the normal amount of money for these copyright infringement suits. Another star to face a lawsuit, for this reason, was Jennifer Lopez and her company, Nuyorican Productions.

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