Kendall Jenner Shows Off Waist Length Hair Along With Kylie's Longer Locks

Kendall Jenner Shows Off Waist Length Hair Along With Kylie's Longer Locks
Credit: Source: Amanda Lee Hair/Instagram

While we know Kendall isn't wearing her hair long while vacationing in Greece with friends, she did show off some waist-length hair recently and the look was gorgeous on her. Interestingly, Kendall was wearing the waist length hair shortly before her sister Kylie was spotted with longer locks. Celebrity hairstylist Amanda Lee shared several photos of Kendall with long hair and in one black and white photo, Kendall bore a striking resemblance to Cher back in the seventies.

Kendall seems to be having a great summer and the 23-year-old continues to make headlines. Kendall recently finished several campaigns including one for Calvin Klein Swimwear and in June she covered L'Officiel USA and Vogue Australia magazines. Though there's been some controversy about Kendall Jenner's bottle-cap challenge (some people were upset that she kicked the cap off the bottle and it fell in the ocean) others think she had one of the best moves.

Despite the controversy, it appears that Kendall is having a fantastic summer and enjoying herself immensely as she vacations in Greece.

You may see the photo Amanda Lee shared on her official Instagram account below.

Kendall also shared photos of herself with the waist-length hair on her official Instagram account when she, Kylie Jenner, and Sofia Richie attended a disco-themed birthday party for friends.

In the photos, Kylie wore a short blonde wig with bangs while Kendall wore her hair down to her waist. Photos of the sisters went viral with many saying they loved the longer hair on Kendall.

Kendall doesn't change her hair as often as her sisters and due to her modeling career, she needs to ensure that she doesn't do anything that would complicate work assignments. Still, there's no harm in changing your look when not working and that's just what Kendall did with the long straight hair.

Here are some photos of Kendall and Kylie Jenner at the disco-themed party with a 70s theme.

What do you think of Kendall Jenner with long, waist-length hair? Do you like the look on her? Do you think she should grow her hair out?

Are you following Kendall's summer adventures in Greece?

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