Kendall Jenner Shows Off Her Amazingly Long Legs In Glam High-Low Gown At The Fashion Media Awards

Kendall Jenner Shows Off Her Amazingly Long Legs In Glam High-Low Gown At The Fashion Media Awards

Kendall Jenner has completely slain at the Daily Front Row's Fashion Media Awards, wearing a fabulous black gown on September 8. No wonder that Kendall was named the Fashion Icon of the decade!

She was dressed in an impressive gown, and she turned everyone's head.

She looked absolutely stunning as usual, but this time there was something that made her stand out, even more, this time.

She captured everyone's attention with her long legs as she was posing for photographers. The gown featured an off the shoulder design that complimented her gorgeous figure.

She was a real vision, and she wore a statement necklace also opting for a bold makeup look for the evening.

She received one of the biggest honors of the night when she was presented with the Fashion Icon of the Decade award.

Some people have quickly criticized her as the award implied that she had been a fashion icon since she was 11 but there is no question that she looked beyond iconic this time.

Explaining why they chose to give the prestigious award to Kendall, The Daily Front Row released an official statement to the Huffington Post.

'We’re living in a digital decade, and Kendall is the ultimate style influencer. [The] digital generation more than ever turns to social media to learn what’s next and Kendall has 83 million devoted Instagram followers, many of whom emulate her style,' the publication wrote.

'Kendall has also captured the hearts of the leading fashion magazines, photographers, and brands. A fashion icon is someone who influences the look of a generation and Kendall has been making a huge impact on their style. It’s noteworthy that fashion bible Vogue has called her the breakout model of her generation and put her on the cover of their September issue in 2016.'

In her private life, Kendall hangs out with Blake Griffin even if sources say that it's not anything serious. More than that, she has recently told her friends not to listen to Taylor Swift's new music . Kendall's feud with Tay is due to Taylor's own feud with Kanye West and Kim Kardashian.


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