Kendall Jenner Is Laid Back In New Ksubi Campaign

Kendall Jenner Is Laid Back In New Ksubi Campaign
Credit: Source: Kendall Jenner/Instagram

Kendall Jenner is laid back in her new Ksubi campaign and the photos are going viral on social media. At 5'10, Kendall Jenner has always been model material and she finds plenty of work to keep her busy. The Ksubi campaign is her latest following a Calvin Klein swimsuit ad and multiple magazine covers that she landed over the summer. Kendall recently vacationed in Greece then attended Wimbledon with her good friend Fai Khadra. Kendall shared a photo from the ad campaign with her 114 million Instagram followers that quickly drew more than 3 million likes and over 13,000 comments.

In the photo, Kendall (she goes by the nickname Kenny) is seated on a stool with her legs tucked up against her. Her raven locks are free-flowing and brushed away from her face. Irinel de León styled Kendall's hair for the shoot and kept it in a very natural manner. Dexter Navy shot the campaign that featured two photos of Kendall. In the first, she is sitting on a stool. The second sees Kendall reclining on the floor as she leaned up against a wall. You may see both photos of Kendall Jenner for Ksubi below.

Kendall Jenner is wearing clothes from the Fall 2019 collection.

Hung Vanngo did Kendall's makeup for the shoot. The look was kept natural and it appears that Ksubi went with a very casual, laid-back approach to the campaign. Kendall's lips were kept a nude, soft-pink color and her eyes weren't overly made up. Her eyeliner was kept soft and minimal and her eyes were accentuated by her brows. Hung kept Kendall's eyebrows perfectly arched and they drew attention to her eyes without the use of heavy makeup.

Mar Y Soul did Kendall's nails and she said that she used a rubber base from the Gel Bottle Inc then covered Kendall's nails with one coat of the color "Dolly" before finishing with a topcoat. Kendall's nails were perfect for the look and many of her fans praised the manicure.

What do you think of Kendall Jenner's new campaign for Ksubi? Do you like the laid back look or the photo of Kendall sitting on the stool best?

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