Kendall Jenner Hilariously Recreates Kylie's Lip Tricks And Smears Lipstick All Over Her Teeth

Kendall Jenner Hilariously Recreates Kylie's Lip Tricks And Smears Lipstick All Over Her Teeth
Credit: Source: E! Entertainment

Kendall Jenner hilariously recreated her younger sister's lip tricks for creating huge lips. Recently, Kylie Jenner shared her newest lip kit and demonstrated how she applies lip liner above her natural lip line in order to create a fuller pout. While it is evident that Kylie Jenner has undergone collagen injections, she also uses makeup above her lip line to try and make her lips look fuller. She isn't the only sibling who does this as Khloe Kardashian does it in photos as well. Kendall's parody of Kylie doing her lips was not only hilarious, but it went viral as well.

Kendall was funny as she continued with her parody, "Oh my God, it feels amazing on my skin. It feels so [email protected] good."

E! Entertainment shared the video that is teasing the last show of this season of Keeping Up With The Kardashians. The episode looks like it will be huge as Kendall dons a wig and actually makes herself to look just like her sister Kylie. The only difference is that Kendall Jenner is 5'10" tall and is noticeably taller than her younger sister as Kylie Jenner is 5'6". Kim Kardashian is 5'3" and Kourtney Kardashian stands 5'1".

You may see the video of Kendall Jenner making a parody of Kylie Jenner in the video player below.

Sibling rivalry is apparent in every household but this may be the most blatant case of sibling rivalry exhibited between Kylie and Kendall Jenner yet! It's unclear whether Kylie will retaliate and do something to get back at Kendall and it's unclear exactly why Kendall wanted to make fun of her sister like this.

While the response to the public video has been to laugh and view it as humorous, there are some who have said they think Kendall went too far and was a little harsh on her sister. After all, Kendall is a supermodel and though Kylie is a billionaire for her beauty business, only Kendall is the one who is walking runways with the title supermodel.

What do you think? Did Kendall go too far in parodying Kylie Jenner or is it all in just good fun?


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