Kendall Jenner Explains Why Rihanna Should Be Dating Brad Pitt In New Video

Kendall Jenner Explains Why Rihanna Should Be Dating Brad Pitt In New Video
Credit: Credit: Instagram

After Brad Pitt showed up at Kanye West’s recent Sunday Service, there have been various discussions about the actor and his relationship with the rapper and the Kardashians.

Some also pointed out that Kendall Jenner never even took the chance to have her picture taken with the famous actor, as she was starstruck by his mere presence.

She later appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon where she explained how much she loved Brad and went in detail about her intense admiration for him.

She added that this was probably not the first time Brad had made an appearance at the iconic event held by Kanye, but it was the first time she had managed to catch him in person, and she was overwhelmed with emotions over the situation. She explained that she even had to leave early as a result of her emotions.

In the end, she also pointed out that she saw Rihanna as the perfect match for Brad, mostly pointing to the looks of both stars.

Kendall explained: “I think he’s been a couple of times, but that was the first time that I was there when he was there. And, I literally left early. I like couldn’t even.”

The model went on to say: “I just saw Once Upon A Time In Hollywood , and it was so good, and he just gets better with age so I was like ‘I gotta go. Isn’t there a saying ‘don’t ever meet your superheroes?’ I don’t know. I just love him so much I’m going to leave it at that. I get nervous.”

Kendall concluded by saying that Rihanna and Brad would be a great couple because “they’re so gorgeous.”

However, Rihanna is wholly occupied at the moment, as she has been involved with a steady relationship of her own -- she is dating Hassan Jameel, so it does not look like Brad stands any chance at the moment.

Still, many have agreed with Kendall’s comments on social media, with some of her fans pointing out that she seems to have a taste for celebrity matches.

Whether that is true or not is impossible to tell, but Brad himself has not responded to the situation. RiRi seems to be enjoying her success in fashion.


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