Kelly Rowland Claims She Nearly 'Lost Everything' - She Almost Went 'Rich Broke'

Kelly Rowland Claims She Nearly 'Lost Everything' - She Almost Went 'Rich Broke'
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Kelly Rowland nearly went bankrupt during the earlier stages of her career, despite the fact she was a member of one of the most successful R&B groups of all time. More importantly, Destiny's Child was arguably the most successful girl-group among all genres.

The star admitted in a new interview that she nearly went broke as a result of careless overspending. Page Six reported on the YouTube interview in which she spoke with her pastor, Erwin McManus. Kelly said she was spending so much to try and "keep up" with the lifestyle she was supposed to have.

Rowland claims she once called one of her closest friends and said she was "rich broke," because she had all of the luxurious items a recording artist was expected to have, but she didn't have any money left over after it was all said and done.

The pop star said she called up her best friend and told her that she just "didn't know what to do." Her friend told her to give money to her local church, and even though her financial advisor told her not to do that, she did it anyway.

Kelly says the action helped her turn her life around. You can see what the singer-songwriter had to say in the YouTube interview below:

Kelly has been very honest with her career troubles over the last few months. Earlier this year, the pop star shared how she and Destiny's Child weren't always a fan favorite among some of their fans. Once they became an international success, many of their old fans stopped respecting them.

During a performance at Summer Jam, Kelly explained, she and the rest of the group were booed off stage by the concert-goers.

Kelly says that there was a problem with the group among their fans due to the fact they had crossed over into the mainstream culture, rather than only staying popular in the communities that propped them up in the beginning stage.

Put simply, Kelly says fans accused them of "selling out" their roots. Kelly was in the headlines again this year regarding her relationship with Tim Witherspoon. 

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