Kelly Rowland Bashes Cancel Culture - Tells Social Media Users To Not Think They're God

Kelly Rowland Bashes Cancel Culture - Tells Social Media Users To Not Think They're God
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Kelly Rowland isn't a big fan of cancel culture. Hot New Hip Hop said today that the Destiny's Child alum has been trying to share positivity and love in a culture where regular take-downs of prominent celebrities and entertainment industry figures has become the norm.

Rowland insinuated on her account that "canceling" people on the internet wasn't the best way to make further progress. As most know, cancel culture has become a real phenomenon over the last few years, with even stars like Ellen DeGeneres enduring significant scandals and calls for their obliteration.

While it's not clear what is going to happen with Ellen DeGeneres at this point amid her daytime television talk show controversy, Kelly Rowland is more concerned with the general sentiment among social media users who think they can "play God."

On her own account this week, Kelly Rowland called out the phenomenon directly, saying how when she came to prominence in the industry, it would've been possible to see a cancelation of her career as well. She wrote, "I am so grateful God NEVER canceled me."

The star went on to say that it was important for people not to judge others so much. She added, "We honestly don't have space nor authority" to cancel people. She finished off her post with the hashtag, "stop trying to be God."

Rowland isn't the only celebrity to put cancel culture on blast. Earlier this year, the notorious director, Oliver Stone, commented on it as well, arguing that he would've been viciously shamed and castigated for making the movies that he did during his illustrious career.

Oliver has made some of the best movies of all time, including projects like Natural Born Killers and Platoon . His movies often feature graphic violence and gripping themes.

Oliver suggested that had he tried to make the same movies today, it never would've been possible. People would've canceled his projects before they even got off the ground. Stone also touched on the recent removal of Gone With The Wind from HBOMax, although, it was later reinstated with a trigger warning.

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