Kelly Ripa's Best Coronavirus Clap Back Revealed

Kelly Ripa's Best Coronavirus Clap Back Revealed
Credit: Source: Kelly Ripa/Instagram

Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest have been busy hosting their show while under quarantine. Fans were extremely worried about Ryan Seacrest and some even thought he suffered a stroke when he appeared life, following the American Idol finale. Ryan's spokesperson stated he was under extreme stress ahs he was simultaneously working on Live With Kelly, America's Got Talent, and the Disney Family Sing Along specials, all from his home. They feared the pressure was too much and Ryan seemed to agree and took a day off of work following what many believed was an on-air stroke .

Ryan isn't the only one who has been under scrutiny — Kelly Ripa has been as well. Some people haven't approved of Kelly's appearance as she live streams without the assistance of a professional hair and makeup team. The Coronavirus pandemic has changed the way the world works and also how shows are run.

Kelly didn't seem to take to kindly to people criticizing her looks and she gave the best Coronavirus clap back on Instagram.

Speaking to the camera, Kelly Ripa stated the following to those who criticized the way she looked while hosting the show.

"You're lucky that we actually put clothes on!"

You may see the video with the full statement that Kelly Ripa made below.

Kelly Ripa has been very upfront about her issues with her appearance and made it clear that what she looks like in the midst of a global pandemic is the last thing on her mind.

Kelly has been very open about her graying roots and has made her life on lockdown as part of the show's story.

Kelly's clap back came at a time when Christopher Reeve's(Superman) son, Will Reeve, was actually caught on camera doing the news without wearing any pants !

What do you think about Kelly Ripa's Coronavirus clap back? Do you think people need to stop worrying about what celebrities are wearing on television right now?

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