Kelly Ripa’s 19-Year-Old Daughter Says Her Mother's Thirst Trap Posts Of Her Dad Mark Consuelos Are 'Disgusting!'

Kelly Ripa’s 19-Year-Old Daughter Says Her Mother's Thirst Trap Posts Of Her Dad Mark Consuelos Are 'Disgusting!'
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Kelly Ripa is just as in love with her hunky husband, Mark Consuelos, as in the beginning of their long-lasting relationship so it makes sense that she can’t help but show him off on social media – especially since he looks the way he looks! However, just like any other offspring out there, their 19 year old daughter Lola can’t help but cringe at the sexy, shirtless pics of her father shared by her mother!

It’s no secret that Kelly Ripa loves posting such images on her go-to platform quite often so their teenage daughter admits she does her best to ‘block’ the thirst trap posts from her mind!

The public totally understands Kelly since Mark Consuelos looks super in shape at 49 but Lola is also understandably disturbed by her mom’s husband-bragging.

As you are probably aware, Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos have been married for no less than 24 years but their love hasn’t changed at all!

Kelly and Lola were playing a game of Like Mother, Like Daughter together when the 19 year old stated that she just has to ‘block that out of my mind’ every time her mom raves about her dad on Instagram .

This was part of a PEOPLE magazine segment and started with Kelly sharing that ‘The one thing that I learned about social media from my daughter is I should not clap back, but I feel like the clap-back is what people want.’

Lola did not agree, simply saying ‘No, [it’s not what people want.]’

But then Kelly brought into discussion the main thing bothering Lola by saying that: ‘But I thought that you were going to say I should not post thirst trap pictures of your dad.’

The daughter immediately snapped back: ‘That’s disgusting. I had to block it out of my mind. I forgot you even did that. I do not even know if I follow you on Instagram still.’ So funny!


The girl then assured everyone that she was only joking and she ‘would never’ unfollow her own mom on the ‘gram!


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