Kelly Ripa Offers To Be Blake Lively's Surrogate For Blake And Ryan's 4th Baby

Kelly Ripa Offers To Be Blake Lively's Surrogate For Blake And Ryan's 4th Baby
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If rumors are true, Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively are already considering having another baby, a report from E! Online suggested. The couple, who first got married back in 2012, just recently announced the birth of their third daughter.

Blake and Ryan have three kids now, James Reynolds, Inez Reynolds, and their new baby. During a conversation with Ryan Seacrest on her show, Kelly noted that 3 kids were a lot to take care of. She joked that it was a lot like "having 47,000" children at this point.

According to Ripa, who has three children herself, it's great to have four kids because it avoids "triangulation," as she called it. In other words, Kelly doesn't want two children ganging up on the third. Lively joked, "you're hearing it live, she's the surrogate mother for me."

Ripa jokingly accepted the offer, stating that she would officially be the oldest surrogate mother on the planet. Fans know that Blake and Ryan celebrated their 7th wedding anniversary just a few months back, and Ripa, in addition to their fan base, knows that Ryan and Lively have a great sense of humor.

According to the television show host, Lively and Reynolds go very well together, stating that had they married another person, things wouldn't have worked out in such a good way. The Rhythm Section actress shared that they really like "teasing each other."

Case-in-point, Lively told a story of how Ryan could walk through the park with their kids, and it would be so easy for him to pick up other women. She said to him in response, "this is a horrible thing to say!"

There's no question Blake and Ryan love to give each other a hard time. Additionally, Ripa's appreciation for the couple isn't a surprise either, considering the way Kelly loves to fight with social media trolls online.

Earlier this year, Kelly was in the media for another reason, albeit indirectly. Her former co-host, Michael Strahan, actually came out to say that he wasn't a fan of how he was treated while working with her, arguing that it was like a side-kick position.

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