Kelly Ripa Is On 'Root Watch' Looking For Grays After Going Without Her Regular Hair Appointment

Kelly Ripa Is On 'Root Watch' Looking For Grays After Going Without Her Regular Hair Appointment
Credit: Source: Twitter

Live! With Kelly and Ryan host Kelly Ripa is practicing social distancing just like everyone else in the world, but that means that she had to miss her regular hair appointment. Now, Ripa is joking that she is on “root watch” and tracking her grays because she wasn’t able to get her color treatment.

On Sunday night, Ripa shared on her Instagram Story that she was on “Root watch week one” because she had to make the small sacrifice of skipping her appointment. Ripa posted a pic that featured her hair parted down the middle, which revealed gray hair at the roots.

Since several states around the country have shut down “non-essential” businesses in an effort to contain the spread of COVID-19, salons have suffered greatly. Many have shut their doors for the foreseeable future, but where does that leave customers who need regular color treatment and maintenance?

Brooklyn-based stylist Mischa G told Vogue that people shouldn’t worry about their hair because it will still be here when the COVID-19 pandemic comes to an end. He also advised people to reach out to their hairstylists to get the best “tips and tricks” for maintaining healthy hair with products at home.

“In the current climate particularly, having the technology to be able to do this is a wonderful thing, but it doesn’t change the fact that I’d never recommend my clients cutting their own hair at home though!”

He said that having a professional fix the damage done to clients’ hair who attempt to do their own cuts and colors at home will be more time-consuming and expensive than waiting patiently and having it done correctly by a professional once it’s safe to do so.

Mischa G says that when clients are at home, they should nurture their hair with “a healthy diet and plenty of hydration.” He also recommended leave-in conditioners and hydrating oils.

As for Kelly Ripa, she and her co-host Ryan Seacrest will be airing their show remotely from their respective homes during the pandemic. She and her husband, Mark Consuelos, recently donated $1 million to air in the relief efforts during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Live! With Kelly and Ryan airs weekday mornings in syndication.


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