Kelly Ripa Finds ‘The Bachelorette’ Disgusting – Here’s Why

Kelly Ripa Finds ‘The Bachelorette’ Disgusting – Here’s Why
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Kelly Ripa finds The Bachelorette disgusting, and she is not holding back on her genuine feelings about the reality TV show.

The former soap star is not a member of Bachelor Nation. She used her own talk show, Live With Kelly And Ryan , to make her true feelings about the dating show known. Her rant was a lot more than audience members, as well as viewers could even be prepared to witness.

It all began when Ryan Seacrest revealed the new The Bachelorette , Hannah Brown, would be on their morning talk show later this week. First, the mother of three was confused as to who was the unlucky lady on the new season.

Ripa thought it was Cassie Randolph, Colton Underwood's girlfriend, who won the slot of having men fight to win her heart. She thought it was Randolph because the two did not get engaged, in The Bachelor finale. The 48-year-old did not realize the couple was still together.

The talk show host's revelation made it crystal clear she does not watch the ABC dating show franchise at all. A fact Ripa did not dispute but rather explanted why she is not a fan.

"You guys, you know how I feel about the show, it disgusts me. I can't stand the idea of 25 exceptional women fighting over one ordinary fella, in my opinion. You know how I feel, ladies, we are too special to be arguing over a guy," the All My Children alum revealed.

The audience was in full agreement because applause erupted at her words. However, the audience's approval only made Ripa decide to have a little fun and joke with the crow.

"Having said that. All of you women watch that gross, gross show," she continued.

Kelly Ripa could not hide her disgust for The Bachelorette , as Ryan Seacrest went on to recap last night's premiere episode. The blonde beauty became less and less interested in the topic when her cohost shared details about all the men fighting for Brown's attention.

"it's all creepy" expressed Ripa reiterating she finds both The Bachelor and The Bachelorette disgusting and creepy.

Bachelor Nation has a lot of thoughts on the hit ABC reality TV shows, and so does Ripa. What do you think about the talk show hosts disgust over the dating shows?

Hannah Brown's journey is just beginning. Fans can watch it unfold every Monday at 8 PM on ABC.


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