Kelly Ripa Comments On 2016 Michael Strahan Departure In New Interview -- Fans Say She Is Bitter

Kelly Ripa Comments On 2016 Michael Strahan Departure In New Interview -- Fans Say She Is Bitter
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One of the biggest scandals in talk show history is when it was announced that Michael Strahan was leaving Live with Kelly and Michael to go to Good Morning America without his co-host being informed first. It was then Kelly Ripa not only took a few days off after the sudden announcement but also came back where she made it clear just how disrespected she felt.

It turns out that she is still shocked by the entire situation.

She told Variety that she received support from nearly all of her female colleagues for taking a stand and demanding respect.

'I heard from all of them. I don't think there was an on-air woman that I didn't hear from: either a personal letter or an email or a text or DM. It's so easy to think that it's just you. But you'd be amazed how many people don't feel seen or heard at all. I didn't kick up a fuss; it wasn't a big thing; I was just like, I'm not doing this. If I'm not worthy of a discussion, if I'm not worthy of you running this conversation by me — it was outrageous.'

Although Michael did express that it could have been handled differently, there was no malice intended. Additionally, he was actually scouted by ABC and not actively looking for another job.

But the athlete made it clear that he did not feel that he was using his full potential on the show. Instead, he felt more like a sidekick.

After popular news website The Grio posted an article about Ripa's recent comments, fans feel that Kelly is bitter four years later.

'Michael Strahan is quite SUCCESSFUL and LOVED by MANY. Michael Strahan was told by DISNEY Not to speak about his New job .She is Clearly Not Over him leaving. She makes herself look as though She is Jealous. I Stopped watching the Show because of Kelly Ripa ’s Behavior . WE LOVE MICHAEL STRAHAN and Wish Him Continued SUCCESS,' wrote one Facebook user.

' Michael Strahan didn’t need to check in with Kelly. It’s none of her business as to how he earns his living. Who knows maybe she was difficult to work with for the 4 years on the show. When the opportunity presented itself for him to go to another show, he took it. Kelly is acting like a child,' said another.

One person wrote: 'She is clearly bitter.'

Another chimed in: 'And she had a temper tantrum on national tv about it. She is bitter four years later. Very sad.'


What do you think of Ripa's comments?

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