Kelly Osbourne Says The Guys Who Were Mean To Her Before Her Weight Loss Have No Chance

Kelly Osbourne Says The Guys Who Were Mean To Her Before Her Weight Loss Have No Chance
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Kelly Osbourne recently dropped 85 pounds and she couldn't be any happier about her new body transformation, however, she doesn't have any more time for guys who weren't that nice to her before. Amid her discussion on CBS's The Talk this week, the 36-year-old media personality dished on her dating life.

She said to the panel that she's been "having fun" ever since she lost the weight. Moreover, Kelly touched on the rumor that she turned down seven different men following her sudden change in appearance.

She says "it was all guys who I had shown interest in before," before going on to claim many of these same men would make comments like "she's great but too fat." According to Osbourne, many of these individuals came back for a second try but she didn't have any time for it.

As it was previously reported, Kelly came out earlier this year to say 2020 was going to be a big one for her. She wrote on her Instagram account that it was time for her to put herself first, rather than take other "people's sh*t."

Thus far, social media commenters and others have praised Kelly for the changes she has made. As most know, this isn't always the case when it comes to body transformations in the entertainment industry, for example, Adele.

Adele unveiled a big transformation this year not long before she appeared on Saturday Night Live earlier this month. The star posted a picture of her new body on Instagram and many of her fans were unhappy with the change, arguing that it wasn't the "Adele they knew."

Coincidentally, Sharon Osbourne, who just so happens to be Kelly's mother, was one of the women who praised Adele after she revealed the big change. Sharon came out to say she remembered what it was like to be overweight and she didn't like it all.


The media personality said it was easy for her to feel bad about herself every day and not desirable as a woman or a person.

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