Kelly Osbourne Compares Herself To Pippi Longstocking In New Photos Of The Slimmed-Down Beauty

Kelly Osbourne Compares Herself To Pippi Longstocking In New Photos Of The Slimmed-Down Beauty
Credit: Source: Kelly Osbourne/Instagram

Kelly Osbourne is comparing herself to Pippi Longstocking in new photos that she shared with her 2.1 million Instagram followers. The 35-year-old actress has reinvented herself after losing 85 pounds and she's showing off her look on social media. Though Kelly may have slimmed down, she certainly hasn't changed too much as she still has her lavender hair. Wearing her hair in braids, Kelly shared a gorgeous photo that has over 45,000 likes. In fact, since Kelly has been showing off her weight loss , all of her photos on social media are going viral. Kelly has worked hard to lose weight and her fans are praising her for her success.

The daughter of Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne grew up in the spotlight and has been a role model for many due to her outspokenness. Now, fans want to know exactly what Kelly did to lose weight! Some are asking if she did the same diet that Adele did, as they are comparing her stunning transformation to that of Adele's. Many are saying that Kelly is unrecognizable now.

At this point, Kelly hasn't explained what she has done to lose weight, but she has spoken on social media about how proud she is of herself for her hard work.

Comparing herself to Pippi Longstocking, Kelly stated the following on Instagram.

"Kelly Longstocking is coming into your town
The one no one can keep down, no no no no
The one who's fun to be around, woaaahhh woah."

You may see the photos that Kelly Osbourne posted below.

Kelly has been outspoken about the Coronavirus pandemic and the importance of social distancing. As her parents are getting on in age, and Ozzy Osbourne has been diagnosed with Parkinson's disease, it's especially important for people to self-isolate to protect those who are at great risk.

What do you think about Kelly Osbourne's weight loss and her Pippi Longstocking reference? Do you agree with those who say that Kelly looks unrecognizable?

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