Kelly Dodd’s Daughter Looks All Grown Up On Her 14th Birthday!

Kelly Dodd’s Daughter Looks All Grown Up On Her 14th Birthday!
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Kelly Dodd took to social media to pay tribute to her daughter, Jolie on her 14th birthday and it looks like the family did a lot more for the young teen as well! As it seems, they all went to Florida for the special occasion just so that they could eat dinner at the Versace Mansion.

The proud mom shared a pic as well and it’s safe to say that her little girl looks all grown up. How time flies!

Still, she is definitely still a child and her mother made sure to reflect that in the way that she spoiled her.

Jolie, Kelly and her fiance, Rick Leventhal traveled to Florida together to mark the teen’s birthday in the best way they could think of amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Alongside a snap that featured the Real Housewives of Orange County’s daughter and a friend of hers posing together at the Versace Mansion, the proud mother wrote: ‘Celebrating Jolie and Inannas 14th birthday.’

The young girl was wearing a pretty mini dress paired with comfy black converse.

As for her hair, she had it straightened.

Another picture from the same carousel post also showed Rick and Kelly at the table, both dressed in white and enjoying a colorful cocktail or two.

And that was not all Kelly posted from the special day.

She also shared some footage on her Instagram Stories showing her thanking the server at the Versace Mansion, who wore a blue face mask to keep everyone safe from coronavirus.

But this trip comes after some criticism over Kelly ignoring the social distancing rules.

One insider previously shared with HollywoodLife that ‘Kelly is going to keep doing Kelly when it comes to social distancing. She does not see anything wrong with what she is doing and she is unapologetically Kelly.’

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