Kelly Dodd Is Not Done With Vicki Gunvalson Yet! 'RHOC' Claims The OG Of The OC Is 'Jealous' Of Her

Kelly Dodd Is Not Done With Vicki Gunvalson Yet! 'RHOC' Claims The OG Of The OC Is 'Jealous' Of Her
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Real Housewives of Orange County stars Kelly Dodd and Vicki Gunvalson may have called a truce during the Season 13 reunion, but that is all over now. The women continue to take shots at each other on social media, and Dodd has accused Gunvalson of being jealous.

During the reunion, Gunvalson accused Dodd of using cocaine, and this led to Dodd claiming that she would leave RHOC next season if Gunvalson were a part of it. She said that she wouldn’t sell her soul for the “ratchet liar,” and added that producers are running the show into the ground while hurting people’s reputations and her brand.

Gunvalson responded by sharing an article on Twitter that claimed Bravo would stand by her despite the fact that she had accused Dodd of using drugs. The article also noted that the network is trying to bring Dodd back even though she has repeatedly said she wants no part of it with Gunvalson around.

“Of course she now is changing her mind. She has no job or career,” tweeted Gunvalson, which led to a scathing reply from Dodd on Instagram.

“This makes me very sad. I am college educated you are not. I worked in advertising after I graduated from college for 10 yrs. Bought real estate by myself. Married a smart, successful man with whom, I had a child with which is a great father to his daughter,” Dodd captioned a screenshot of Gunvalson’s now-deleted tweet.

Dodd went on to ask Gunvalson where her kids’ father is and then revealed that she invested in stock, startups, and real estate very early, so she doesn’t have to sell insurance for minimal margins like Gunvalson. And, she added that Gunvalson makes more money on RHOC than she does at her job at Coto Insurance.

“I have made better choices in my life than you .. I’m sorry if you’re jealous, I just work smarter. I hope you find happiness, peace and love Vicki#dontbejelly #donthate,” concluded Dodd.

Gunvalson may have deleted the tweet that Dodd was referring to, but she did reply to a fan on Instagram about the situation and wrote that Dodd is “all threat,” and she has “no job” so there isn’t anything she could do.

The OG of the OC added that Kelly Dodd has been “super mean” this year, and that must be because she wanted to be relevant.


Bravo has not yet renewed Real Housewives of Orange County for Season 14.


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