Kelly Dodd Gets Candid About Her Love Life Following Michael Dodd Divorce!

Kelly Dodd Gets Candid About Her Love Life Following Michael Dodd Divorce!
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During an interview with ET, RHOC star Kelly Dodd talked about her love life following her divorce from ex-husband Michael Dodd! The woman made it very clear that her priority is her 12-year-old daughter and dating will always be less important than her.

‘I have never introduced a guy to Jolie. I have not had a boyfriend, so I have not had the opportunity to introduce her to anyone. And I think it'd take a lot for me to do it. I do not want Jolie to see guys coming in and out of my life. That just would not be a good example.’

Kelly seems to be living her best life, however - last year, she revealed that she has a number of men on the waiting ‘bench,’ including someone named Alex that the audience is set to meet before this season’s ending.

Dodd went on to tell the outlet that ‘I’m very single. I want somebody that I am best friends with ... like fun, who I can have a great time with, we can laugh and just have fun. And then second, we need to have good sex - very important - and third, like, someone very, very smart. Really, I want a smart guy, and someone that's driven. So, those are the things I am looking for in a guy… and nice! That treats me nice. There is a lot!’

According to her, she’s never been best friends with a lover, not even with Michael!

‘He's socially inept, you know what I mean? He always made people feel awkward, but he is a great dad, he's a great husband. I just could not go out with him, let loose and have a great time. So, for whatever reason, I have never had a best friend I have been romantically involved with. Looking back, that is what I want for myself. Maybe that is why all my relationships have failed.’

Still, while their marriage failed, Kelly made it clear that they are great at co-parenting.

Finally, the Housewife discussed whether or not she sees herself getting married again in the future: ‘I don't know. I'm not opposed to it. But, it is not a must. I think marriage is to have kids, you know? But if somebody wants to get married, we have a really good relationship, then yes.’


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