Kelly Dodd Brags About Being A ‘Super Spreader’ And Loses Important Brand Deal As A Result!

Kelly Dodd Brags About Being A ‘Super Spreader’ And Loses Important Brand Deal As A Result!
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Kelly Dodd made some very questionable comments about the COVID-19 pandemic and her supposed role as a 'super spreader.' As a result, it turns out that she has been dropped from her brand deal with Positive Beverage!

This was one of her major brand deals since it's a company The Real Housewives of Orange County star worked with for over two years!

However, the backlash Kelly received because of her coronavirus comments would have definitely reflected badly on the brand and so, they dropped her.

Not to mention that, fittingly enough, Positive Beverage did not wish to keep supporting and be partnered with someone who spread such harmful views.

It all started with Kelly Dodd having a rather nonchalant attitude towards COVID-19.

Then, earlier today, Positive Beverage announced their decision to cut ties with the reality TV star, explaining in an official statement, released via HollywoodLife, that: 'Our core values of wellness, community, diversity and inclusion should always be reflected by our brand and anybody associated with it. It's become clear over the past months that Kelly’s controversial views have distracted from our primary objectives, so starting from today, we're no longer affiliated with Kelly Dodd.'

The controversy that led to the brand's decision was Kelly getting serious backlash for enjoying dinner with a group of friends at Newport Beach all the while joking that she was a 'super spreader.'

And this is not even the first time that she made such controversial comments about the dangerous pandemic!

Just earlier in the week, she also admitted to Andy Cohen that not only did she hate wearing a mask, she was not too convinced they are even effective!


Positive Beverage CEO Shannon Argyros added that 'We welcome all people, however they are and whatever they're passionate about, to Positive Beverage. But there must be an underlying layer of respect. Unfortunately, we feel like Kelly’s stance is no longer congruent with our core values … we don't align with her opinions or views while we uphold our own values.'


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