Kelly Clarkson's Marriage May Have Crumbled Due To Quarantine And Her Talk Show

Kelly Clarkson's Marriage May Have Crumbled Due To Quarantine And Her Talk Show
Credit: Source: US Weekly

Kelly Clarkson's divorce filing has shocked many of her fans. However, when you look back on it -- it seems as though it's a casualty of the side effects of quarantine and juggling a new career.

Between being a judge on The Voice and entertaining fans on her own daytime talk show -- Kelly has been more than just a 'busy' mom.

There have been comments dating back to last year that signaled there may have been trouble in paradise.

In December, the American Idol singer discussed her relationship and family with Brandon Blackstock to US Weekly.

'In any industry it’s hard to be a working parent. It’s hard to fit your kids in, your significant other in, your family, It’s hard thing to do and also hold down a job that you really believe in and you’re into. And especially this industry is very demanding. I actually just said, I was like, ‘family is first and foremost. Family is always first.’ I think a lot of people put all their confidence and worth and value in this job and it’s fleeting. We have expiration dates, everyone does in every job. So I always really encourage them to just do this because they really love to because if you don’t, it’s just a lot of work and you’re not getting to be around your loved ones as much as you want to be. I’m a Debbie Downer. I don’t mean to be, but I like to be realistic.'

Months later, when COVID-19 hit and Americans have been forced inside of their homes along with the rest of the world, Clarkson shared some relatable moments that were a bit troubling.

She complained about having to cook, clean, do dishes and balancing being a mom in isolation with multiple children. She also spent her birthday alone -- by choice.

Another thing the two industry insiders disagreed on was having children.

While Kelly wanted to have a third child with Brandon, he has already settled on being a father of four (two of the children he fathered before he met Clarkson).

Kelly cited irreconcilable differences in the court documents she filed on June 4th -- seemingly as soon as it was safe to leave the house for more than essential reasons.

What do you think was the tip of the iceberg for the couple?


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