Kelly Clarkson's Divorce Takes Unexpected Twist As Father-In-Law's Management Company Files Suit Against The Singer

Kelly Clarkson's Divorce Takes Unexpected Twist As Father-In-Law's Management Company Files Suit Against The Singer
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Kelly Clarkson's divorce has taken an unexpected twist and is getting very ugly. Divorce is never an easy process and it often means that people who were once considered family can quickly become foes. In addition to the divorce between Kelly and her estranged husband Brandon Blackstock , she is in for a legal battle with Brandon's father Narvel Blackstock. Narvel's management company has filed a lawsuit against the American Idol winner claiming that she failed to pay more than $1.4 million in commissions. Now, Kelly seems to be fighting for everything she's worked so hard to achieve in life.

A source spoke to OK! magazine for their upcoming November 9, 2020, issue and discussed how Kelly is handling the divorce and lawsuit. The source stated the following.

Kelly's a tough woman and is rumored to be telling pals she won't let Brandon destroy her.

The source then spoke about Kelly Clarkson 's reported reaction to the lawsuit.

The lawsuit really took the wind out of Kelly. She was with them for 13 years and made the company so much money. Now it feels like they're going after her life savings. If Brandon thinks she's got the upper hand with this lawsuit and that he can get more money out of her in the divorce, he can think again. Kelly's prepared to play hardball in court and drag out his dirty laundry on her daytime talk show too. There will be no gagging her.

Though divorce is a difficult time and can cause people to do things they otherwise wouldn't, it doesn't seem likely that Kelly will attack Brandon on her show or bring her divorce drama into her program.

Kelly Clarkson hasn't responded publicly to OK!'s report. You may see an article discussing Narvel Blackstock's management company's lawsuit against Kelly Clarkson below.

According to the report, Kelly is doing her best to help her children transition through the divorce without as much damage as possible. What do you think about the new lawsuit against Kelly Clarkson? Are you surprised that Kelly's divorce is getting ugly?


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