Kelly Clarkson Teases New Single With Video And Reveals Release Date

Kelly Clarkson Teases New Single With Video And Reveals Release Date

It looks like following the hype that Taylor Swift has been creating around her upcoming music, Kelly Clarkson is proving she can very well do the same. The singer took to social media today to post a 15 seconds long clip featuring a snippet of her new song and possibly a part of the music video for it as well.

The title card announced ‘September 7th, 2017,’ hyping fans everywhere who have been waiting for Clarkson to have a comeback for quite a while now.

In the video, we see flowers blooming as well as a very brief glimpse at the artist.

Could the flowers be hints to the lyrics?

The singer and mother of two also added a clock on her website that counts down to September 7 along with a gif showing her in the recording studio with headphones on.

As fans certainly know, Kelly Clarkson also has a gig as a vocal coach on the hit show The Voice.

The popular music competition is set to start its new season in the spring of 2018.

Kelly is pretty familiar with the show already as she was once an adviser on The Voice, but now she is ‘coming to win.’

‘I cannot wait to turn my chair and see the faces of up-and-coming artists and provide them with the help and support they have needed to break into the industry. Watch out Shelton, I'm comin' to win!’ the Grammy winner said excitedly in a press release.

Are you looking forward to whatever Kelly Clarkson has in store, whether that is her new single or her TV gig?

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