Kelly Clarkson Mistaken For A 'Seat-Filler' At The ACM Awards - 'I Was Asked To Move'

Kelly Clarkson Mistaken For A 'Seat-Filler' At The ACM Awards - 'I Was Asked To Move'
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There is no doubt that Kelly Clarkson had a great time at the ACM Awards but the reasons are definitely more than just the usual! One of the most memorable moments of the night was, in fact, when she got mistaken for a ‘seat-filler’ and ‘asked to move’ from her own seat!

The singer took to social media earlier today to tell her followers all about the hilarious incident that might have upset others but not her – it sounds like the star was actually pretty amused by the situation.

She wanted to prove that not everyone knows who she is, hence the mistake of a man who thought she was there just to fill the seat temporarily for someone else.

‘The greatest thing by far which happened to me tonight was being asked to move [from my seat] because a guy thought I was a seat-filler at the ACM’s tonight #CantWinEmAll  literally, it made my night because he was serious, and I just politely said no hahaha!!’ Kelly tweeted.

Aside from that little awkward moment, Kelly had a night to remember at the awards show.

The singer teamed up with Dan + Shay to perform ‘Keeping Secrets’ together and there is no doubt that it was one of the highlights of the entire show!

Of course, her voice impressed everyone but so did her fashion!

The red carpet-appropriate long black dress with sheer sleeves and sheer plunging neckline was gorgeous and definitely very flattering.

With such a beautiful ensemble on, how could anyone doubt that she was a celebrity? We may never know!

Furthermore, she, along with the Dan + Shay duo were nominated for an ACM Award in the Music Event of the Year category proving to be very relevant in the industry.


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