Kelly Clarkson Had A Tough Few Weeks Leading Up To Her Divorce

Kelly Clarkson Had A Tough Few Weeks Leading Up To Her Divorce
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A new article published by Glamour UK says that Kelly Clarkson had a tough time in the weeks leading up to her eventual divorce. Conducted a month ago, the interview featured the 38-year-old American Idol alum talking about her state of mind while working as a career woman and a mother during quarantine.

The singer said to the outlet that she has been on an "emotional roller coaster" for the last few weeks because she's been working hard as a parent, while at the same time, working on her career and her usual day-to-day tasks. Clarkson says she has been cleaning non-stop after her teenagers and toddlers.

All of her kids are learning from home, and her life around the house has been nuts. A representative speaking on behalf of Glamour UK said to Page Six that Kelly was interviewed approximately four weeks ago on the 20th of May.

As it was previously reported, Kelly and Brandon Blackstock filed for divorce on the 4th of June. Reportedly, Kelly never touched on her marriage to Blackstock, which lasted for seven years. Moreover, she never discussed whether her stress levels could be attributed to her relationship with Blackstock.

With all things considered, the Voice judge did touch on the stress of having to be a great "stay-at-home" while continuing to work on her career as well. Fans of the couple know that she and Blackstock have two kids together, including Remington and River Rose.

Kelly has also been taking care of her two teenage stepchildren as well. Clarkson went on to express gratitude for her situation, stating that many other people in the world have a situation much worse than her own.

The star said that normally, they have a lot more help around the house. Despite that, she does her best to be a "hands-on-mother" because she doesn't want to pass down her "abandonment issues" to her two kids.

Fans of Clarkson know that she has been very candid about the fact her father wasn't around much earlier in her life. The star said in the past that she was grateful for the experiences she had because it made her into the person she is today.

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