Kelly Clarkson Goes Under The Knife To Have Her Appendix Removed Following Billboard Music Awards

Kelly Clarkson Goes Under The Knife To Have Her Appendix Removed Following Billboard Music Awards
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According to a report from the Los Angeles Times, on Thursday, Kelly Clarkson had to get her appendix moved following her hosting duties at the Billboard Music Awards in Las Vegas. The 37-year-old took to Twitter to say she may have started to cry after the show.

She went back home on Thursday following the Awards ceremony on Wednesday night in Las Vegas. It was yesterday when she officially had the surgery completed. Even though Kelly was in tremendous pain, she performed a song called, "Broken And Beautiful."

Thus far, the Billboard Music Awards has proven to be an eventful affair, including for fellow attendees, Joe Jonas, and Sophie Turner, who actually got their official marriage license following the publicized event.

The couple went out to a private chapel, along with Diplo and Khalid acting as witnesses, and they received the official certificate from the institution. However, Joe previously admitted he and Sophie had plans to get married in France, during an official and traditional religious ceremony.

As for Kelly, sources say she's feeling "great" following her surgery, but was definitely a bit nervous when it happened. An insider stated that, obviously, it couldn't have come at the worst time, considering she just got off the stage as the host.

According to a report from WebMD, appendicitis is an abrupt illness which causes symptoms like sharp pain near the upper abdomen that moves to the lower right abdomen, as well as a loss of appetite, nausea, swelling, fever, as well as an inability to pass gas.

Appendicitis, essentially, is the swelling of the appendix and may actually burst and cause death if it isn't treated as soon as it's been diagnosed. For the most part, doctors and other medical professionals aren't precisely sure as to what the appendix even does.

However, many believe it used to perform a role in immunity as well as digestive functions. One thing that is known, is that human beings can have it removed without any noticeable consequences. People undergo surgery to have their appendix removed thousands of times per year in the United States and Canada.

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