Kelly Clarkson Covers Taylor Swift's You Need To Calm Down For Pride Month And Kills It

Kelly Clarkson Covers Taylor Swift's You Need To Calm Down For Pride Month And Kills It
Credit: Source: Kelly Clarkson Show/Instagram

Today is the last day of Pride month and this year, the LGBTQ community saw even greater setbacks where they were unable to hold parades and celebrations for the achievements gained in their long fight for civil rights. Many celebrities chose to honor the LGBTQ community in their own special way (including Britney Spears who went viral for the wrong reasons) but once again, President Trump was noticeably silent when it came to recognizing members of the LGBTQ community.

Fortunately, the LGBTQ community saw a very fitting Supreme Court ruling during June that protects members of the LGBTQ community from discrimination in the workplace. For example, a male or female employee who tells their boss they will transition to the opposite gender or undergo hormonal therapies and gender reassignment surgery cannot be fired as they are federally protected under the 1964 Civil Rights Act.

One person who went out of her way to celebrate Pride month in a unique and special way is Kelly Clarkson. Kelly sang a cover of Taylor Swift's song "You Need To Calm Down" on her show and though she wasn't able to finish the entire song, her fans were thrilled.

Fans also loved the graphics, the little cartoon-like words and lyrics that popped up on the screen, and images of real-life LGBTQ couples and individuals that were woven throughout the video.

Kelly is known for her powerhouse vocals and she didn't hold back on the song. There is nothing timid or shy about Kelly Clarkson and she belted out the lyrics with intensity and perfection.

You may see Kelly Clarkson cover Taylor Swift's "You Need To Calm Down" as she sang it on the Kelly Clarkson Show in the video player below.

Kelly's fans loved her rendition and the unique spin that she put on the song. Though it wasn't a full-length cover, many requested that she perform it again in its entirety. Fans also asked if she would consider reaching out to Taylor Swift for a collaboration of some sort.

What do you think about Kelly Clarkson's cover of Taylor Swift's "You Need To Calm Down?"


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