KeKe Wyatt's Ex-Husband Michael Ford Slams Her And Says Her Accusations Are Lies - He's Planning Revenge

KeKe Wyatt's Ex-Husband Michael Ford Slams Her And Says Her Accusations Are Lies - He's Planning Revenge

It was recently reported that KeKe Wyatt is a married woman and her fans were happy to learn the news. Now, her ex-husband, Michael Ford has something to say as well.

The Shade Room reported not too long ago that after Keke and Michael broke up, they both started seeing other people.

Keke spilled the tea for TMZ and revealed that she got married again! She also said that her child is cancer-free.

Keke told TMZ that her new man is ‘ten times better than her ex who straight up dipped while she was pregnant and had another child battling cancer in the hospital,’ TSR wrote.

Now, TSR brings some fresh news regarding the situation, and it really looks like things are about to get pretty nasty between these two.

'Earlier this week the songstress revealed that she is in love again and has re-married. She announced the news via social media while addressing some of the challenges she had to face within the past year. Now her ex-husband Michael Ford has decided to speak out,' TSR writes.

Her ex-husband is saying that all of her accusations are nothing more than lies. TSR reported that during an interview with TMZ, he said the following:

'It’s funny how she’s trying to use her platform to uplift herself and play the victim role, and it’s wrong, it’s all a lie.'

He also wanted to set something else straight and said that the divorce didn’t get filed until February of 2018.

More than that, he highlighted the fact that their son, who was battling cancer was medically declared in remission before he left.

The Shade Room also shared a document in their post, and one follower noted 'Did anyone bother to read that document though? It’s saying a whole LOT.'

Another person said 'Being very clingy will cause problems R&B Divas showed that she was very insecure...he had to be everywhere she went, he couldn't leave her sight?'

Someone else wrote in the comments section 'Sir you need to go have a seat....she still took care of you when you almost died. Bye!!!'

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