Keke Palmer Says Tory Lanez's Recent Behavior Is 'Toxic'

Keke Palmer Says Tory Lanez's Recent Behavior Is 'Toxic'
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Tory Lanez dropped a surprise album this week, Daystar , and since then, many of his cohorts in the entertainment industry have been putting him on blast. Most recently, Keke Palmer took to her social media to call attention to Tory's new record and the purported "toxicity" of releasing it.

Hot New Hip Hop reported that Tory has been largely silent ever since he was accused of shooting Megan Thee Stallion in the foot after a house party one night. Rather than address the allegations via a written statement or a publicist, Tory chose to release an album instead.

The outlet claims Tory Lanez questioned if he was really the one responsible for the shooting. More importantly, the Toronto artist asked how she would know whether it was him or not that fired gunshots if she was walking away from the SUV when it happened.

Furthermore, Tory reportedly discussed the fact that he had lost many of his friends in the business since the July shooting incident.

Thus far, the reaction to the record has been mixed, with many people claiming it sounds great, but with others arguing that it shouldn't have revolved around Megan Thee Stallion entirely.

As for how Keke Palmer responded, she went on Instagram to describe herself as a friend to Megan and questioned whether Lanez was a narcissist or not. Keke said in the caption that it "almost seems narcissistic" and "toxic" if everyone in society thinks it's ok.

Palmer claimed it's normal for people to mistakenly do bad things out of poor judgment and learn from them, but it's not ok when someone tries to capitalize on the "expense of someone" who was just put in a compromised position.

Palmer went on to say that she understood where Megan was coming from because she has been put in such a position before. She claimed it was tough when people don't believe you.

Palmer isn't the only one who has taken issue with Tory's new record. Rick Ross, as well, put Tory on blast for putting out the album at the wrong time.

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