Keke Palmer Moves From 'Scream Queens' To 'Scream' For Season 3!

Keke Palmer Moves From 'Scream Queens' To 'Scream' For Season 3!

MTV is giving its television version of the Scream franchise a major reboot for its upcoming season, and they've picked a new lead actress who already knows a thing or two about screaming. Keke Palmer, who played Zayday Williams for two seasons on FOX's Scream Queens , will be the new star on MTV's Scream .

Palmer will play Kym, "a social activist with a thousand causes whose big heart and lack of patience often get her into trouble."

In July, the network announced that rappers Tyga and C.J. Wallace had joined the cast of Scream , as a star football player and an aspiring musician.

Four more cast members were also announced today: Power Rangers ' RJ Cyler, Split 's Jessica Sula, Julie's Greenroom 's Giullian Yao Gioiello, and Giorgia Whigham.

Cyler will play Deion, the stepbrother of Tyga's character, Jamal, and a star running back whose college ambitions are thwarted by a masked killer.

Sula's character, Liz, is the new girl at school and a member of the honor roll, while Gioiello will play the openly gay character Manny, and Whigham will take on the role of Beth, a goth girl.

Queen Latifah is a new executive producer on Scream , which is ditching all of its previous characters and storylines for Season 3.

In addition, the series will see its length shortened in the upcoming season, with only six episodes slated to air in the abbreviated storyline.

Scream will also be airing as more of a miniseries when it returns, with all six episodes airing over a three-night special event next March.

Palmer has appeared in numerous films and television shows but rose to prominence as the star of Nickelodeon's True Jackson, VP . She's set to appear next month in the second season of the Epix espionage series Berlin Station and stars as herself in a new web series called That's the Gag .


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