Keith Urban Covered Taylor Swift's Lover And The Internet Is Freaking Out

Keith Urban Covered Taylor Swift's Lover And The Internet Is Freaking Out
Credit: Source: Keith Urban/Twitter

Keith Urban just proved what everyone knew as soon as Taylor Swift's "Lover" dropped — it was going to be one of the most-covered love songs in history. Not only did Keith prove that the song is worthy to be covered, but he also showed how perfect it is for a man to sing to a woman. Performing the song live at the Washington State Fair on Saturday, Keith Urban played his cover of the song then shared a video clip on his official Twitter and even tagged Taylor Swift in it.

Keith shared the following message along with the video of his performance.

"Every now and then you hear a song that you love and wish you’d written....
and a HUGE thx to my band as well- we didn’t get to rehearse so.... this is us fully winging it - KU
#Lover @TaylorSwift13."

As soon as the video hit, social media erupted with comments saying the song was the perfect wedding song, great for dances, including first dances at wedding receptions and for anniversaries. And there is no question about it, whether it is a man to woman, woman to man, or even same-sex, "Lover" is going to go down in history as one of the most important, and most played love songs.

You may see the tweet that Keith Urban posted on his official Twitter account below.

Keith Urban's cover of "Lover" really brought out the country vibe in the song. Though Taylor Swift started out in country her version of the song isn't exactly country but more pop. But for those fans of Taylor's who miss her country songs, Keith delivered.

While fans worldwide loved Keith's cover, Taylor Swift responded on her Instagram story that she loved Keith's version.

Posting on her Instagram story, Taylor Swift wrote the following, "Keith Urban covering Lover flawlessly. I am screaming. This is so beautiful."

Here is a fan-posted video that shows Keith singing more of the song.

What do you think of Keith Urban's cover of "Lover?" Do you agree with Taylor Swift that it's beautiful?

Were you surprised to hear that he had covered the song so quickly after Taylor released it?

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