Keith Richards Says Mick Jagger Should Get A Vasectomy

Keith Richards Says Mick Jagger Should Get A Vasectomy

Keith Richards gets a lot off his chest during an interview with the Wall Street Journal for the March issue. Richards, who has been by Jagger's side since the beginning of the Rolling Stones, said it's time for Mick to get the "snip" because he can't be a father at the age of 73.

Richards remarked, "those poor kids!" Celebrity Insider reported last year that Mick had a child with a woman nearly a quarter of his age.

Either way, this isn't the first time Richards and Jagger have shaded each other in the press. In Richard's 2010 memoir, he said Mick was "unbearable" and had a "tiny" penis.

However, according to the legendary rock star, he and Jagger have lived off the fire and hatred between them. It's part of their chemistry and why they work so well.

Admittedly, Richards stated there hadn't been a front-man like Mick in the history of music. The guitar player said it doesn't matter "how many bones you pick out of him," Jagger is "amazing to work with."

As you may know, Richards released his book, Life, in 2010 to a great response from the public and the critics alike. The rock star said in the interview with The Wall Street Journal that it was challenging to protect his friends and family while still tell entertaining stories at the same time.

Richards talked about more than just life in the interview with reporters from the WSJ - a publication not typically known for interviewing men such as the lead player for the British rock band.

The legendary guitar player also dished on what it's like writing for the Stones. Keith said he creates tunes that Mick can jam along too; he claimed, "what I like to do is write a song where Mick goes, 'Yeah, right, I'm in!'"

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