Keira Knightley Reveals The Name Of Her Second Child After Months Of Mystery

Keira Knightley Reveals The Name Of Her Second Child After Months Of Mystery
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According to a report from USA Today, Keira Knightley never revealed she was pregnant, and she didn't disclose she had another child either. Reportedly, the star actually had a baby girl several months ago.

Keira and her hubby, James Righton, are famously silent regarding their personal life and children, however, as the Pirates Of The Caribbean alum gets back to the working world, the star has offered insight into her family situation.

Reported originally by The Telegraph, the outlet confirmed that Keira and her man had a daughter named Delilah. They also have another 3-year-old child named Edie. Lately, Keira has been doing the press rounds for promotion of her newest movie, Official Secrets.

The movie follows the British Intelligence specialist, Katherine Gun, portrayed by the aforementioned actress. The movie supposedly is based on a true story regarding the agent who received a document from the NSA not long before the Iraq War in the early 2000s.

Fans of the actress will probably be glad to hear that Keira's life as a new mother is great. The star explained her breastfeeding and pumping situation during a conversation with The Telegraph. The star claimed she does "three whole feeds," in the case of her being apart from her child for six hours.

Knightley joked with the outlet that if she doesn't do it that way, her boobs "will explode." Knightley went on to say that it's "going everywhere," unless she does three feeds. Back in October, Keira had a chat with Louise Minchin on BBC Breakfast regarding family life.

During the interview, Keira joked that she couldn't even remember what the question was. "You can tell I have a 6-week-old baby, haven't you?" the actress joked. Keira isn't joking when it comes to raising her children, however.

Last year, during a conversation with USA Today, Keira dished on the fact her daughter wanted to be a princess, but Keira told her she wanted to be a "queen," because they're in charge. The actress is very concerned with the type of messages her daughter receives, opting for Moana and Frozen rather than Cinderella and The Little Mermaid.

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