Kehlani Posts Massive Tribute To 'Angel' Nick Cannon For His Birthday

Kehlani Posts Massive Tribute To 'Angel' Nick Cannon For His Birthday
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While not everyone has love for Nick Cannon in their hearts, it's for sure that Kehlani , the performing artist, does. Hot New Hip Hop picked up on a social media post from the artist this week in which she paid tribute to Nick Cannon, the former Wild N Out host.

As most know, Cannon has taken a few shots this year after he lost his job as the host of Wild N Out amid his anti-semitic remarks on his YouTube series, Cannon's Class . The media personality was excoriated in the press for agreeing with Professor Griff's remarks on the Jewish people.

As a result of his comments, Nick lost his job working with Viacom which he held for many years. This Thursday, on the 8th of October, which marked Cannon's 40th birthday, Kehlani took to her account to shout out Nick in the sweetest and most genuine way.

You can check out what she had to say in the post below:

Reportedly, Nick Cannon was extremely helpful to Kehlani in the beginning stages of her career, even helping her get an apartment in Los Angeles and purchasing her studio time. The star wrote on her account that Nick was the type of guy who taught her how to be resilient in the face of criticism, among other praise.

Ironically, 2020 was one of the greatest years yet for Kehlani following the massive success of her latest album which was on the top of the charts for weeks. Cannon, however, was in the headlines for worse reasons.

As it was noted above, Cannon was put on blast after he commented on the Jewish peoples, agreeing with Griff's remarks on how the Jews were responsible for much of the world's wars. Cannon, after losing his job, spent a lot of time working with rabbis and other Jewish leaders to learn about the culture and how wrong he was.

Fortunately for Nick, he kept his job as the host of The Masked Singer for Fox. Amid his firing, Nick took to his account to say that the black community had turned their backs on him for apologizing.

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