Kehlani Opens Up About Her Difficult Pregnancy

Kehlani Opens Up About Her Difficult Pregnancy
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The singer's opening up about her pregnancy. Kehlani let her followers know that sometimes things are not as they seem.

That being said, she took to her social media platform to share a pic that features the star cradling her baby bump.

In the caption, she got candid about her struggle with carrying her first baby and how for the public, it seemed like she made it look easy.

She started: ‘I've been getting lots of preggie folx saying i been making it look easy, and how they wish their pregnancy was/is going the same as mine seems to be... i will say this: the internet makes everything look lovely and wonderful.’

Kehlani went on to explain that ‘2 days away from the 3rd trimester and this has been the hardest thing ever.’

The star claims that she has been dealing with a lot of prenatal depression, which has been ‘hitting me like a bag of bricks, to being very isolated and alone internally and externally these days, to just the normal terrible sleep/no appetite/anxiety. what's been helping me is: talking about it. sharing. reminding myself isolation doesn't have to be the answer. waking up early and getting OUT of bed to get sun.’

She told her fans that she hates being so vulnerable on social media but that she loves the support she always receives from her community.

Kehlani also talked about motherhood being something she has wanted for a very long time, even when she was young, and mentioned how excited she is to meet her baby girl.

It sounds like, despite this pregnancy being ‘the hardest ever’ for her, it’s all worth it!

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