Kehlani And YG Are Officially Over Claims A Source

Kehlani And YG Are Officially Over Claims A Source
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Singer-songwriter Kehlani and the rapper, YG, are officially over. Last month, fans on social media suspected the relationship between the two artists was finished when the latter was seen kissing another girl near a Los Angeles nightclub.

In the initial weeks following the reports, fans slowly started to stop talking about the supposed infidelity, moreover, Kehlani helped slow down the rumors as well when she released a song in which she stated she felt "embarrassed" by it all

Yesterday, Kehlani posted and deleted a tweet in which she allegedly hinted her relationship with YG was finished. Screenshots captured by multiple outlets appeared to suggest she had already moved on to singer-rapper, Tory Lanez.

On her account, Kehlani stated succinctly, "I am single, and focused." As it was previously reported, when the media headlines first began propping up all over the internet, Kehlani assured her fans she would be alright.

On her Twitter account, the star claimed she saw a lot of people online expressing concern for her mental health, with many even suggesting she was in need of a therapist, however, Kehlani told them she was an artist and "dive(s) inward," instead.

Despite the fact nobody really knows when they broke up, YG and the singer were purportedly together for around six months. They first made their romance public while at New York Fashion Week in September of this year. They made public appearances at other venues as well.

Following the purported split, the singer has been busy with her career, including her music, which she works on in Miami while also raising her baby girl whom she had with her ex-boyfriend, Javaughn. She had the child in March.

Moving past relationship squabbles, it appears as though Kehlani has a solid 2020 coming up. As most know, questions regarding the star's mental health struggles first started arising in 2016 when she allegedly tried to commit suicide.

On her IG account, she wrote, "never thought I'd get to such a low point" in the caption of the photograph in which she had an IV hooked up to her arm. Additionally, the star said she wanted to "leave this Earth."

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