Keanu Reeves Stuntman Says All The Keanu Rumors Are '110% True' - He's A 'Giver'

Keanu Reeves Stuntman Says All The Keanu Rumors Are '110% True' - He's A 'Giver'
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One of the reasons why Keanu Reeves is one of the biggest stars in the world right now is his stellar reputation. Many celebrities and entertainers who have worked with him in the past have had nothing but nice things to say about The Matrix alum.

In a new interview with Jeremy Fry - a stuntman who worked as a stunt double for Keanu in all three of the John Wick films - he confirmed that Keanu was just as nice and easy to work with as everyone has said about him in the past.

Fry said to the outlet, "he is a giver, he is selfless, he works tirelessly." According to Jeremy, everything the world has said about Keanu Reeves thus far is "110% true." Fry gave a word of advice for anyone who will work with the actor in the future.

Jeremy says that if Keanu asks you to go somewhere with him, you should always say "yes."

Regarding Reeves and his performance, Fry says that the actor likes to do all of his own stunts, however, if the director decides it's best for him to step aside and let the stuntmen do them, he'll respectfully oblige.

According to Fry, one of the more interesting aspects of his job is seeing that many actors would like to do their own stunts, even if they have more capable people willing to do them. Fry says that Reeves, on the other hand, completely understands when it's best to step aside.

Fry says that Keanu never tries to force himself into a situation where he doesn't belong. If the director and the rest of the team think it's a good idea for him to let the stuntmen take over, he'll do what's best for the team, rather than himself.

Movie Web says that a fourth John Wick movie is currently in the middle of production, although, Keanu will return for the next Bill and Ted movie, Bill and Ted Face The Music . The trailer for the movie will come out soon, Metro reported.

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